Delegate The Results You Want, Not The Process

Delegating work is one of the best ways to motivate employees and achieve an obj

10 Ways to Cut Costs Not Employees

When the economy /business go awry, the first one that gets screwed is the emplo

Motivating Employees beyond Salary Increase

A happy employee is a productive one. Many HR personnel will attest to the fact

A New Look at Temp-to-Perm Jobs

While not the best situation for most job seekers, the temp-to-perm position can

Can You Really Find a Job Using Facebook?

With 1.2 billion monthly active users, one would naturally assume that Facebook

Using Public Sources to Tap the ‘Hidden’ Job Market

There has been a longstanding complaint that the best jobs are ‘hidden&rsq

Knack of Negotiating For A Pay Rise And Actually Getting It

Salary is often a touchy subject between an employer and an employee. Oftentimes

Be Friendly With, But Not a Friend Of, Subordinates

Managers approach the line of friendship where we all naturally tread: we want b

The 5 Things You Need to Ask Those Who Promised to Serve as a Reference

References mean different things to different people these days.  It is usu

Should You Stay in Touch with the Recruiter after You Didn\'t Get the Job?

Recruiters have a tough job. In addition to being in the position of saying &ldq

The 7 Most Overlooked Details on a Resume or CV

While most professionals are keenly aware of the need to present their past expe

You can market yourself professionally in these networks too

While most job seekers are well aware of the need to present themselves to the b

Follow-Up: Finding Out the Status of Your Job Application

  A follow-up letter after sending out an application serves a lot of purp

10 Important Tips When Writing a Post-Interview Follow-up Letter

  So you just finished interviewing for a job you applied to; you are exci

10 proven ways to network easier, and they bring results during job search

  For those new to networking, or who are experiencing difficulty with n


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