Make That Impression at Your Next Conference or Meeting

How many times have you met people that showed up for a business meeting in their rock festival gear with tattoos ablaze or they looked like they literally just rolled out of bed! Not good!! 

If you want that deal and that coveted final handshake on a sale, you need to look the part as it is really as simple as that. Just test for yourself at the shopping mall or your local high street, wear a sharp suit, stylish scarf, perhaps a tan leather shoes so you look the business from top to toe, you will be guaranteed more looks than your normal casual attire.

Get it right, as you will not get a "second" chance to make a "first" impression !!


Conferences Vs  Meetings?

Well, to put simply a conference is a place where people can compare opinions, brainstorm, and perhaps even argue, advice, consult and huddle together as you all share the same passion for the subject. The word conference, is derived from the word confer meaning to consult each other. Now, a meeting used to be face to face and business people had to travel for thousands of miles to discuss things. Since Tim Berners-Lee’s, the British Computer Scientist eureka moment in 1991 with the world wide web, meetings changed forever. Now, we can literally have meetings 24/7 across multiple time zones and the cost has drastically reduced over the years. Today, we have Skype Premium, Google Chrome Box for Meetings, Adobe Connect and Cisco WebEx to name just a few. 

However, you cannot beat a face to face. 

Why do Corporate Companies Organize Conferences and Meetings?

Face to face meetings are essential to discuss a low turnover issue, recruitment problems, brand new market opportunity, rapid decision making or perhaps just a brainstorm. Despite the advanced video conferencing tools out there, we humans for some unknown reason still prefer a face to face. It’s warm, personal, direct, and easy to interact, it can cope with multiple people speaking all at the same time which is rather difficult to do in a video conference. Is it psychological too? Do we have an innate desire to see our meeting attendee’s facial expressions or their arms folded in boredom? No one really knows, but it is clear to all business people that no device can ever replace a face to face and it is here to stay.

Also, when you have an idea whilst walking down the street and you are utterly revved up about it, the email fails miserably as you do not know when the recipient will reply. 

Mobile phones can be switched off, RSS feeds can be turned off too and no one uses the post today apart from E-Bayers. 

However, if you visited the person you need to speak to, he or she cannot make excuses nor ignore your presence. 

How to Present Yourself in a Corporate Meeting?

Get it right, as you will not get a second chance to make a first impression. When you walk into the room, smile and then reach out for a handshake, don’t go overboard with the shake, make it firm with a light squeeze. Then, chat about your journey or compliment the meeting room but keep it airy, light and positive. Then, start with a few easy questions to engage into a conversation. If people are starting to gather around you, finish off the conversation with the person you are talking to, request to be excused and turn around to greet the rest of the people. Alternatively, just say you are grabbing a coffee or tea as for some strange reason people are more at ease near drink or food.

The initial impressions is fundamental, so dress smartly and make sure your shirt or blouse is beautifully pressed just in case you need to take your jacket off. People make decisions about you from the way you dress, for example if you picked a dull grey tie, does this mean you are conformist. If you pick a colourful Indian print designer scarf that complimented your suit, will you stand out and that very scarf could turn out to be a conversation piece. Whether we like it or not, humans are automatically programmed to judge you from the moment they meet you by the way you dress, talk and walk. 

Here are the Can Do’s

  • Clothes need to be smart, neat, clean and well ironed
  • Accessories to compliment your clothes in a subtle way
  • Hairstyles to be tidy and well groomed, but need not be salon perfect
  • Suits preferably black, grey, dark blue and pinstripes will always be acceptable business wear 
  • Make sure you are dressed well from head to toe, so make sure your shoes are polished and compliments your attire 

Here are the Definite Don’ts

  • Don’t roll up your shirt’s sleeve
  • Absolutely no visible body piercings, or tattoos
  • Avoid tight clothing and if you hair is too long, tie it neatly
  • Keep your excessively loud material, cartoon character or heavy metal ties, jackets or socks at home
  • No matter how much you would love to show off your jewellery, keep it subtle and avoid gold coin sovereign rings on each finger!
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