How to Build a Career in Social Media

Social media engagement is high on the list of priorities for modern businesses, and there are a wide variety of opportunities for jobs. If you have a background in sales or marketing and are looking for a fresh challenge, a career in social media marketing is a great option.

The power of social media makes companies willing to pay generous salaries to people with relevant experience and expertise. There's a lot of competition for the best jobs, so you must be prepared to develop your skills and brand and promote yourself if you want to stand out from the crowd. In addition to employed positions, there are opportunities to work as a consultant if you build a reputation in social media. The following tips will help you build a career in social media.

1) Develop a deep understanding of social media and how businesses can use it.

One of the attractions of a career in social media is the rapid pace of change. Although that makes it an exciting field to work in, it requires you to constantly update your knowledge. You must develop an understanding of how social media can be used to interact with customers, build brands, manage reputations and monitor markets.

2) Develop core skills.

You may be familiar with sending Twitter messages and updating your Facebook status, but you'll need to know the key social media platforms in depth if you're going to use them for marketing. Study the menus and options for each platform, and pay attention to privacy settings. Each platform has its own policies on business use, and you need to be clear on these. Use of social media platforms varies by industry sector, so get to know LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest as well as the services you use to keep in touch with friends.

3) Build a following and reputation.

The best way to prove to potential employers that you have strong social media skills is to establish your own presence online. Having an outstanding LinkedIn profile will give you a head start in any job application. Posting and sharing news and information about the world of social media will help you to build a following and a reputation as an authority.

4) Investigate formal qualifications.

Employers look for practical experience when employing digital marketing experts, but it also helps if you have recognized qualifications. Investigate the value of any course before committing. Studying for certification could involve hundreds of hours of study and a considerable financial investment. The National Institute for Social Media (NISM) offers a number of options for certification, and is accepted as one of the leading providers of education in its field.

5) Build a convincing resume.

Although positions in social media are often gained through reputation and evidence of success, employers still require a resume. A resume for careers in social media should include examples of the type of work you've completed. The nature of the industry demands that your work be creative and innovative. For example, you could include links to projects you've worked on, infographics detailing your experience and a video introduction outlining your expertise.

Building a career in social media can lead you to an exciting and rewarding future. It can take time to learn the skills and gain the required experience, but if you invest the time and effort, you'll be in  demand.

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Comment by Zak

Very nice

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Comment by Matt

What does a social media job entail? Do you have to manage a company's social media accounts or find new customers through social media? I think I might be able to do these things. As a webmaster, I manage and build socail media accunts for my own webiste all the time, and I think I've got pretty good at it.

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