5 Ways To Cope With redundancy and find job again

What to Do when Unemployment is in the Immediate Horizon

“You’re fired” is probably the two worst words you will ever hear as an employee. For some reasons, losing one’s job is a reality for everyone. Slackers and crooked employees may have it coming for them, but for many who put it honest work getting fired can be devastating.

You may never wish for yourself to be on the streets doing nothing, but it is still good to be prepared for the eventuality. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind should you have the unfortunate experience of receiving your walking papers.

What to Avoid

1.            Emotional confrontation

Getting fired is emotional, no doubt. You will feel that the world is against you and everyone around you is there to get you. During this trying times, learn to master your emotions. It may feel good to vent out, but the relief is only temporary. Never start insulting your would-be former boss or co-employees and do yell or curse at them. The employment world is small; you might cross paths with them again in the future. Rather than think of mending bridge in the future, it is much better not to burn the bridge.

2.            Create havoc

When your back is against the wall, it sometimes feel go just to fight back. But not in this case! When you are on your way out, it will best for your sanity and security to leave everything as they are. Do not even think of throwing things around or messing up with your company’s computer system and files. You will not gain anything from it, but a possible jail time.

3.            Do not badmouth your company

Do not speak ill of your former company or bosses during your interviews or in your application letter. Doing so will not reflect on your previous employer, but on you. Present yourself as someone who can rise above adversities, rather than someone who is bitter and holds grudges.

Getting Yourself Ready for a New Opportunity


1.            Show that You are a True Professional

The news may not be good, but it is not something that must bring out the worst in you. Take the news as a true lady or gentleman. Give your boss a firm handshake and walk out the door with your head held high.

Your soon-to-be former employer does not have any reason to keep you from getting employed again, but you can give them an incentive to provide you a glowing recommendation to other employers by showing how professional you are.

2.            Go Out Somewhere to Vent

You are human and getting fired hurts. Do not keep the pain to yourself. Grab a good buddy or a family member and share your heartaches away. It is better to let your emotion go outside of the work environment and clear your head before you go job hunting. Getting rid of your emotional baggage will help change your demeanor when you go job hunting.

3.            Negotiate

You may not have any control about your employment situation, but you can still do something about your situation going out. Talk with your HR department and find out what benefits you can get once you leave the company. This is really important considering the financial obligations you still need to meet when you are unemployed.

You may also want to discuss with your boss about providing a reference letter. This is something you can use when you apply to other companies. Also learn about what is in your employment record and how it would appear to future employees should they ask for them.

4.            Create a Job Hunting Strategy

You may want to take a break for a while, but do not lose sight of the importance of finding a new job. Before you take a break, create a general strategy regarding your job hunting. That way, you exactly know where to start once you get back from your mini-vacation.

5.            Have an “Unemployment” Fund

You must save money in the bank for this purpose even if you are not in the firing block. Always keep in mind that the possibility of you losing your job is as great as the next person sitting beside you in your office. List down all your expenses monthly and save the equivalent amount. If you can save an amount equal to six months of your living expenses, so much the better for you. You do not know when you will hear the phrase “You’re hired”, so it is better to be prepared for the long haul.

Having funds to spend for your daily necessity while unemployed will keep you focused on your job hunting and not worry about getting the boot for not paying the rent or having your utilities cut off because you cannot pay your bills. The added incentive in saving is when you reach the ripe old age of retirement without getting fired, then you have saved for yourself some extra “retirement” fund that you can use to pamper yourself.

(Article Contributed by Rico Enginco)

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