5 effective ways to smoothly on board your new employees

Hiring a new employee can be a whirlwind - there's the extensive interview and hiring process, mountains of initial paperwork, and new employment training to handle before a fresh hire can get settled into their new position. However, in addition to these milestones, an employer should also make sure they include some activities that will welcome your latest hire to the company. This will ensure your newest addition will feel welcome and appreciated while adjusting to their new job. This not only helps them to feel comfortable in their position, but it also keeps your office from losing money by keeping your employees around for as long as possible. If you need some ideas for welcoming your new employee to the crew, here are five tips to help you get started.

Start on a Slower Day

It can be tempting to start a new employee on a Monday, the start of the work week, but it's typically better to schedule their first day on a day towards the middle of week. This ensures that the office won't be as busy as on a Monday or as unpredictable as a Friday. On a slower day, the new employee will feel less stressed as they learn the layout of the office, meet their fellow co-workers, and get accustomed to their daily work schedule. Easing them into their new position this way will help them become a more productive worker as they adjust to their new job.

Having your new employee start on a slower day also gives their direct supervisor the chance to spend more time with them on their first day. The supervisor can give them a full tour of the building, introduce them to other employees, and help them understand their job duties and tasks. On a day with less work, the supervisor has more time to spend one-on-one with their new team member. Having this "buddy system" available will ensure a new hire is kept busy, giving them a positive experience on the first day and promising the days won't drag. It also helps them to feel like the company cares about them and their well-being at the company - which is important for long-term job satisfaction.

Welcome Gifts and Preparation

While you don't have to spend a lot of money on a welcoming gift or kit, it can make a big difference to a new employee to provide them with a small something. This simple gesture can show the new member of your team that you are thinking about them and that you appreciate them. A welcome gift doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate - something as small as flowers, a balloon, a personalized name tag, or some office supplies for their new desk can make a big impression on your newest worker.

Another way to celebrate the arrival of your newest employee is prepare a small party or event to welcome them. This is best done in conjunction with the above tip, as on a slower day, your other employees will be able to take the time to attend the gathering and meet the new hire. You certainly don't have to spend a lot of money on an expensive meal or party here either - something as simple as pizza for lunch, donuts or bagels in the break room, or catered sandwiches can bring people together and encourage some casual conversation and connections!  

Safety First

An important part of welcoming your new employees is making sure they feel safe in their new work environment. Most accidents happen within the first few months of employment, while a new hire is still inexperienced and unfamiliar with their new surroundings. The best way to avoid accidents is to ensure your newest team member is familiar with the layout of the office and the safety procedures in place in case of an emergency.

Show your new employee the locations of emergency escapes, evacuation plans, and first aid equipment in your office. Make sure they are familiar with the safety procedures in place and alert them of any areas that have the potential for accident or injury. Demonstrating this attention to detail shows you care about the safety of your employees, and that you are organized and prepared for anything.

Company Culture

When you are welcoming a new hire to your company, you'll also need to make sure you are aware of your other employees as well. When partnering your latest team member with a mentor or existing co-worker, ensure that employee is familiar with your company culture, that they are happy with their current position of employment, and they are willing to guide an inexperienced worker. This is a very important step to keeping a new team member employed with your company. Pairing them with someone who is excited and enthusiastic about their job will give them a more positive attitude towards work, while pairing them with someone more negative can lead to disillusionment and discontent in work.

Encourage Questions and Involvement

Finally, a new employee is likely to have a lot of questions related to their new position, work environment, and the company culture. In order to avoid squashing someone's enthusiasm, make sure you recognize questions are an important part of the process. Acknowledge all of the new employee's concerns, and be sure to address them professionally and courteously. Dismissing questions or initial teamwork ideas can be devastating to someone trying to find their footing in the office, and can lead to job dissatisfaction. Instead, encourage your new hires and their ideas.

Starting a new job can be overwhelming for anyone, whether it is an entry-level position or they are already experienced in the field. Working at a new office can be scary and anxiety-provoking. As an employer, it's up to you to give your new employees the warm welcome they deserve. Not only will these help your own company, but it will encourage your newest workers to be as hard-working and productive as possible in their work environment.

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