10 Unlikely Places to Find a Job

Job hunting can seem like a never ending search for that perfect job. The one where you will no longer dread going into work every day. The one where you get along with the boss – or better yet, you’re the boss and you can get along with your employees!

The thing is, finding that job can be incredibly difficult – and the days of being able to climb the ladder at the same company are over for many people. There just aren’t enough jobs in the world for the number of people who need work. It’s unfortunate but true.

However, if you have a killer resume, great interpersonal skills and a proven track record in employment then you will likely have no problem getting your new gig. If you don’t feel like you quite measure up, look into cleaning up your resume and properly prepare yourself for interviews with some of our other articles!

Now comes the difficult part – where should you go looking for work? Job boards and online application portals are great, but does anyone ever see your resume? If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect job, maybe you are just not being open enough about how you search for your next professional challenge.

In order to help you out with this, we have compiled a list of 10 unlikely places to find a job, both on the web and off. Here’s to hoping this list helps you land your dream job!

On The Web


Yes, this one is definitely a job searching website – however the way this site works is a little different than the others. Instead of doing a generic search like Google, LinkUp will only search company web pages for job listings and the place to apply. Since applying directly to the source is always the most direct and best bet, this site can be very useful for professionals looking to advance their careers.


Your social media may have been the last place you considered looking for a job, but really, its genius! Since you likely follow individuals and companies in your industry to keep up on the news, it is also a great way to find a job. You can send out a Tweet saying you are looking for work, with a link to your resume; or you can contact companies through private messages to see if they are hiring.


Once again, social media is wonderful for job hunting. Don’t be intimidated – if you are looking for new employment be bold! Post a .PDF or an image of your resume and ask your friends and family to keep an eye out for a good opportunity! If you allow them to share it, your potential employer may even find you instead! There are also several open groups for different industries and locations that you can join which can be a great aid in job searching!


Okay, so this one is sort of social media meets job portal – LinkedIn is something that every professional should have! Not only is it a convenient online resume, showcasing all your best accomplishments, it is also a place where your coworkers can endorse your skills, proving to potential employers that you are prepared for the job! You can use their job search function, join groups and you may even be approached by a company when you least expect it if you are active here.


This site takes job searching in a new direction with the notion that a job interview is not that much different than a blind date. You will fill out a few questionnaires and from there RealMatch will send you jobs you are qualified for based on your skills rather than keywords. This will give you a much more targeted job search if you’re having a rough time with traditional job boards.

Off the Web

Your Neighbors

Never under estimate the power of talking to your neighbors! Since your neighbors are likely to be in the same income bracket, they are also likely to be in a similar industry or at least know people who are. Tell them to keep an ear out for you and I bet they will!

Your Hairdresser or Barber

This might sound farfetched, but hairdressers and barbers see a large variety of people and often they are very friendly with their clientele and tend to know where they work. They may just end up hearing about your dream job, but not know you are looking – so ask them to see if they can find a lead; leaving a few of your business cards with them can’t hurt either!

Your Church

Your church will likely have activities beyond Sunday services – things like picnics, huge thrift sales of things that were donated or a youth outreach program. Get involved and get talking to people, you might just find out that one of them is harboring your next big opportunity for success!

Your Old School

We tend to completely forget about school once we are done with it – but this could be a mistake. You might want to run down to your old school and talk with a few of your professors – after all they taught you everything you know about your career, right? They will definitely be a good person to keep in contact with for future employment!

Your Current Company

Yes, I know at the beginning of this article we mentioned that it is hard to move up within one company anymore. Most people will switch jobs at least 2-3 times before finding a company that sticks – but if you are more or less happy with the company, just seeking more money or a bigger challenge, then it may be worth talking to your supervisor about new opportunities within the company.

Now remember, you do not have to implement all of these to find a great job – but the more routes you take, the better the offer you are likely to find. So don’t keep all your job hunting in one place, or you may find out you missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime!

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